iOS 9.3: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The time has come: iOS 9.3 has been released! With every new software release comes the positive and negative feedback. Along with that, there are many issues with new software updates. iOs 9.3, in particular, had quite a few issues with many Apple customers when it was first released, causing Apple to withdraw their release for iPad 2 users and resend the update when it was fixed. The main issue was with iPad 2’s, which is important to me because I use one for school and when there are software issues, it affects my school work. After doing much research on the new features, the issues, and everything under the sun regarding iOS 9.3, I’m writing to inform my readers of what to be aware of with the new update.

The Good

Every time a new Apple update is released, Apple shows off their newest improvements and products. Their goal is to out do the last version and make Apple products better and more efficient. Not only have they improved different tools, they created some. One of their new features that is getting the most attention is “Night Shift”. Night Shift is a nightshiftmodecomparison-800x600mode that changes the colors on your screen from bright to warm, so that falling asleep is much easier. Parents seem to always complain about their children not getting enough sleep because the brightness of their screen keeps them awake, so Apple has accepted the challenge and made technology usage before bed something that all can appreciate. Another improvement that they’ve made is that they now have an option for users to set passwords for their notes, so that their personal information is safe in their phone. They’ve also personalized the news app with a “for you” section, which features articles that are similar to previously read articles. Lastly, they have created a feature called Apple Classroom. This new feature is heavily integrating technology use in classrooms. With this system, teachers can send assignments out to their different classes and receive student’s assignments just as easily. This feature 2016-01-11-194733specifically targets classrooms with shared iPads because students are logged out of their classroom when the teacher marks that the class is over, so student do not have to worry about other students being on their account. Lastly, Apple Classroom is a helpful tool for teachers because they can put students into
groups quicker and in a more randomized way. But, of course, not everything about the iOS 9.3 update is great.

The Bad

Although there is a lot of excitement over this new update, a lot of users haven’t been able to actually download it yet. Many users have been getting a message saying that the image_thumbupdate was unable to be verified because they are not connected to the wifi, yet their iPad or iPhone says that they have a full signal. Some users don’t even have the option of updating because their device says that it’s up to date. This has been a major disappointment to many Apple consumers, seeing as software updates are meant to improve devices and having the newest software means having a better-phone. If you think this is a problem, things get worse.


The Ugly

Aside from not being able to download the update, there are worse issues. Users who were able to update were required to sign in to their device using the original Apple ID and password used on the device. This means that even if someone changed their password five times since they’ve first had their phone, they had to recall the original password used for their device and log in with that. Also, people who have bought used phones were required to enter the original owner’s user ID and password. The worst part? Those who could not recall their information were unable to access their device. Many users were locked out of their phones, iPads, and other Apple products. This caused an uproar of frustration and created a bad reputation for iOS 9.3. Luckily, Apple was very quick with handling this issue and fixed it in a timely manner.


Although there were many issues when iOS 9.3 was first released, I personally think that it is a beneficial update. The many improvements and additions will satisfy all Apple citizens. My hope is to see Apple Classroom used in majority of classrooms in Burlington High School. I support iOS 9.3 and am excited to see what Apple has in store for their next software update.




Seesaw: A Way to Connect With Students and Parents

Seesaw is an app designed for teachers of all grades and subjects.image1 
Seesaw allows teachers to connect with not only students, but parents, too. Through this app, teachers create classrooms for each of their classes and this enables students to create their own 
digital portfolios to display what they have learned. Students can use a variety of methods to share their knowledge, such as text, pictures, videos, drawings, PDFs, and links. Once students update their portfolios, their information is immediately available for their teacher to access. Students can access their teachers classroom with a QR code, text code, or an email account.

Seesaw highlights the developments that have been made to education. For example, teachers can take pictures of worksheets and post it into their classroom, and students can draw their work on to the same picture and turn it in. Also, this app creates a blog-like feeling, which allows students to assert their thoughts and explain themselves more thoroughly. This app is helpful to students with different learning habits because they are allowed to express their ideas in different forms. Students that may feel more comfortable verbally explaining their answers are allowed to do so, others that can explain themselves through drawing are welcome to that solution, etc.

This app is great for teachers to check on their students progress and make sure they understand what is being taught in class. It also helps students download.pngwith their organization and time management skills. Seesaw is easily accessible and can be organized quickly and efficiently. One of the drawbacks of students having iPads/the internet for learning is that distractions can become an issue. Instead of utilizing the advantages that come along with having an educational iPad, students sometimes play games, use social media, or text their friends, which can create a distant atmosphere between teachers and students. This app creates a more interactive environment for classrooms, especially those with 1-1 programs, like Burlington High School. Seesaw also has an app specifically designed for parents, so that they are more involved with their child’s education and progress.image2

Seesaw provides a personal and trustworthy audience for students because parents can access their child’s portfolio and check their progress. Teachers can restrict who views each students portfolio, so that students are not copying their peers
work. Also, parents have the options to communicate with teachers via private messaging, creating a strong support system for students. The Seesaw app for parents is designed like the student/teacher app, whereas parents have to enter their child’s classroom code through a QR code. Parents are notified whenever their child’s portfolio is updated and they have full access to their work and the teacher’s feedback. Along with viewing portfolios, parents can save documents and pictures in their phone.

Seesaw is an app that is changing the dynamics of technology integration in education. This app not only incorporates teacher involvement, but parent involvement too, so that slacking off and not paying attention is not an option for students. I personally think that Seesaw is a great app that would be useful in any classroom of any grade. Sports coaches could even use this app to connect with players and parents. I highly recommend this app to teachers/coaches that want to make sure their students and parents are fully engaged in their education.seesaw-logo-script-tagline